SEO - Search engine optimizationFor many businesses who are hoping to grow their online presence, partnering with an SEO company in South Africa can make all the difference. In fact, unless you do not have a website or rely on the web or social media to bring in new customers, almost every single business can benefit from SEO.

But while most businesses will look at outsourcing this function to someone who has the skill and experience to bring in the best results, there are still a few ‘hold-outs’ who think that they can save costs by doing it themselves instead. Sadly, this DIY approach seldom works – especially as most businesses do not specialise in online marketing and therefore do not have the ability to know how to go about improving rankings and growing traffic.

Why Should You Consider Hiring an SEO Company in South Africa?

So why should you think about hiring an SEO company for your website needs? Here are a few good reasons for starters…

  1. Save time. Taking an in-house approach or doing everything yourself is time-consuming. Often, it takes you away from your primary job role, which is less than ideal for the sake of productivity. Do you really have time to spend on optimising your website, or can your time be better spent where it is needed, while the experts handle the SEO work?
  2. Get better results. No matter how beautifully designed your website is, if there is no traffic coming in, it may as well not be there at all. Hiring an expert to evaluate and optimise your website so that it performs properly will take a good site and turn it into an amazing, converting site. Your business deserves the investment, and with professional help, you will be far more sure that you get return on that investment as well.
  3. Get things done properly. You may think that you have some decent skills in the online marketing area, but unless you are a fully trained, experienced SEO whose sole aim in life is to boost rankings and improve optimisation, you will likely not have the same results as the professional. An expert will ensure that things will be done properly, according to best practice, and that is always a good thing.
  4. Keep up with the times. Not sure what Panda and Penguin are (besides from being animals)? You could probably do with a professional SEO agency. As SEO continues to evolve, having an expert on board who understands changing algorithms and knows how to adapt your website as they change is vital to reach and maintain your ideal ranking.
  5. Avoid blacklists and shortcuts. There is no quick fix for search engine marketing. Trying to do it yourself or hiring a cheap student to help who does not use best practice methods will put you at risk of blacklisting, dropped rankings and even total search engine suicide. A proper agency will ensure that your strategies stay focused, effective and above-board.
  6. Quality content generation. If you are not much of a writer, this one is for you. Content is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation. Most good SEO companies use highly skilled copywriters to create original, optimised content that is high quality and primed for search engines as well as users. This ensures that your website is updated with content that helps boost your rankings organically, without keyword stuffing, poorly written pages or other problems.
  7. Long term growth. There are a few digital marketing strategies that work quickly. SEO is not one of them. Long term value is what this game is all about, and this is where a good agency really comes in to help. Working with an agency to consistently improve rankings will give you the best chance of true success that is gained through tried-and-tested, best practices that are not shady, rushed or poorly implemented.
  8. Effective keyword analysis. Another benefit of going with a professional company is having the advantage of expert keyword analysis and research. Most companies use a range of tools – many of which are not available to those outside of the industry. With the right keywords, you will have the best chance of getting the right results.
  9. Fresh perspective. Sometimes, you simply need a fresh perspective to help refresh a site that is sitting halfway down the search engine results pages and not going anywhere. SEO specialists can perform audits and help you map out a strategy for future growth, or they can help you put together a fully integrated campaign using search, social and other channels to take your website into a whole new era.
  10. Value and ROI. Last but not least, the best reason to consider partnering with a reputable SEO company in SA is for the value that it provides. This approach is still the best way to market your website online, providing a realistic, slow and steady growth opportunity that results in more traffic, better conversions and more exposure to previously untapped audiences.

So there you have it – ten very good reasons to think about working with a professional agency to boost your results. If you are looking for an effective way to get your website seen, make sure that you consider these tips and choose an SEO company in South Africa who understands you and your business goals. If you would like to start an SEO audit, just get in touch.

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