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With well over 50% of internet browsers using their mobile phones to visit websites, a website optimised for mobile devices is one that will convert! Need a new business website? Our website development page discusses the benefits of teaming up with an accredited Google Partner.

This page looks at the benefits of developing a website that is not only Google-friendly but also responsive. Sounding a bit like Greek to you? Below we explain the concept of a responsive website, why websites need to be responsive, and how to procure a mobile-friendly website in the United Kingdom:

What Are Responsive Websites?

Think about how many different devices one can now access the internet through. Gone are the days when websites were viewed only on computer screens. Nowadays we are able to browse websites on laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and even our watches and refrigerators!

Responsive website design, or RWD, is the development of websites that automatically scale the content and other on-page elements to fit optimally on a range of different screen sizes and orientations.

Have you ever browsed a website on your mobile phone, only to notice that certain elements are displaying incorrectly or off the edge of the screen? It might display like a dream on desktop, but it has more than likely not been developed with ‘mobile-friendliness’ in mind.

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Why Do Websites Need to be Responsive?

The need for responsive website development has come about for two reasons: the first being that more and more people are browsing websites on a variety of devices, and the second being the increased importance of giving website visitors the best possible user-experience.

It stands to reason that a potential customer who cannot consume a website’s total content offering will get an incomplete picture of how exactly the business can assist him or her. By developing websites to be completely responsive from their inception, one can rest assured with the knowledge that your website looks good no matter how your visitors are accessing it!


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