Paid Search Advertising

Using Paid Search – we are Google Ads masters –  we can identify people who are looking for your products or services and immediately connect them with your business.

When you know the intent of someone searching the Internet, you have an opportunity to provide the exact information they need to influence a decision. For example, if someone types the search phrase “price of an iPhone” into Google, we have a good sense of what their expectations are in terms of content and intent.

“Never let your ads write cheques that your website can’t cash.”

– Avinash Kaushik

Paid Search allows you to instantly switch lead generation (or sales) on or off while providing granular control over marketing performance. With control over geographic areas where ads will show, ad text, search terms to target and time of day the ads will show, platforms like Google Ads for Search allow you to bring in searchers who are most likely to convert. This becomes increasingly important when you provide time-sensitive offers like event or restaurant promotions.

Thanks to advances in marketing technology, we now have the ability to target your customers on multiple dimensions from time, device and location, ad to even target previous search behavior. Leveraging Paid Search gives you instant access to your ideal customers.

At Waverly Digital Solutions, every member of our team is a certified Google Partner. We love Google Ads and so do our clients – it is a fast, efficient lead generation machine that has propelled many of our client’s sales figures into the stratosphere. Google Ads is easy to understand but difficult to manage, hence why you need an experienced team looking after your budget.

But why do I need someone to run my ads on Google when it’s for free? Surely I can just do it myself, can’t I? The simple answer is of course you can. But the real answers are not so simple. Do you have enough money to trial whilst you figure out the system? While you watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos to learn how to run your campaign properly, while you learn how to A/B test properly. But of course there are lots of people that say they are a Google Partner, or an expert. So what’s the real difference, you ask? Go and check out their profile on the Google Partner Network. Here, you can go to ours by clicking here. Have a look at what they have certifications in. How many certifications do they have for each advertising section? Are they a specialist in anything by Google? This means something. Being a specialist means that not only are they spending enough with Google, but their campaigns are actually good enough according to the guys and gals at Google Ads.

Aren’t you tired of working with people that only talk? If you’re serious about your Paid Search Marketing, or if you simply don’t believe you’re getting enough from your current supplier, why not get in touch with us?

Start leveraging paid search marketing for your business