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Specialised Supply Chain

“You must always be able to predict what’s next, then have the flexibility to evolve”

– Marc Benioff

WSI was launched in the same year as the commercial internet (1995), and thus has had the opportunities and time to develop meaningful relationships with many of the world’s leading technology movers and shakers, and digital marketing thought leaders.

It’s through these high-profile relationships that our clients have benefited from early adopter advantages. In addition, we leverage the benefit of our experienced and skilled South African team, paired with the local knowledge of our UK team to help us deliver digital marketing services timeously and very cost-effectively. There are no barriers of language or timezone, allowing for easy communication and swift delivery.

So, although we often have to pitch against much larger agencies, with more employees and fancier offices, it’s exactly because of these economies of scale and geographically diverse assets that we can offer the world-class marketing services we do at such affordable rates. This is outsourcing but at a global scale.

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