WORKSHOP DATES:  12th, 19th and 26th June

Live Online Workshop Series


AI in Action: From Fundamentals to Business Applications


Join our live, instructor-led 3-part workshop series, “AI in Action: From Fundamentals to Business Applications.” Unlike typical on-demand sessions, our hands-on approach ensures a deeper, interactive learning experience. Let us guide you in real-time, providing immediate insights and feedback. Embark on your transformative journey to AI mastery with us today!



What Will Be Covered?

Our live online workshop is a 3-part series, expertly led by WSI’s Mel & Nicholas Gard. This immersive experience kicks off on 12th June, followed by the next session on 19th June, and concludes on 26th June.  Each date promises a deep dive into crucial AI topics, presented in an engaging, instructor-led format, ensuring participants gain both knowledge and hands-on experience.

** All sessions are 60 minutes and run from 11AM TO 12 NOON BST **

**Deadline to register is Friday 7th June**

Workshop #1: 12th June

Intro to AI – Beyond the Hype
Dive into the intricate landscape of Artificial Intelligence in our foundational session. Begin by distinguishing between core concepts of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models (LLMs). Then, venture into the inner workings of LLMs like ChatGPT exploring their architecture and mechanics, while also discussing their monumental strengths and inherent limitations. Overall you’ll receive an engaging introduction to ChatGPT, setting you on a path to harness its vast potential.

Workshop #2: 19th June

Prompt Engineering: Commanding AI Effectively
Master the art of effective prompting in this comprehensive session. Delve into the TASK and CLEAR prompting frameworks, which stand as pillars for effective communication with LLMs such as ChatGPT and others. Familiarize yourself with the art of well-crafted prompts and understand the philosophy behind them. Embark on an artistic exploration, unveiling the capabilities of LLMs in the domain of generative art.

Workshop #3: 26th June

AI in Business: Beyond the Basics
Immerse yourself in the vast applications of AI in real-world scenarios. This session introduces a myriad of AI use cases across sectors and offers guidance on seamlessly integrating AI into your existing business operations. Reassess your organisation’s readiness to adapt to AI and engage in an interactive Q&A session, ensuring you’re well-prepared and confident to embark on your AI-driven journey ahead.

Meet Your Instructors: Nicholas & Mel Gard, Digital Marketing Consultants at WSI

Mel and Nick have over 22 years’ experience as entrepreneurs, with 15 of those years in the digital marketing space with WSI. Their real gift lies in helping business owners and marketers to understand the complex landscape of digital marketing. Now, they bring this ability to break down technology into understandable concepts to the world of AI, perfectly complementing the WSI ethos of harmonising digital innovation with genuine human connections. Backed by WSI’s 25 years of industry leadership, Nicholas and Mel are set to guide participants on a transformative AI journey in this workshop series.

Wondering If This Workshop is Right for You?

Here’s what some of our previous participants have to say:

“WSI Digital’s “AI in Action Workshop” was an exceptional learning experience. The workshop provided a well-structured and hands-on approach to understanding the practical applications of AI for businesses.

The exercises proved to be invaluable in strengthening my understanding and sparking creativity in how I can apply AI technology at S&A Generators and in my personal capacity.

I now have actionable strategies from the workshop on how to explore and incorporate AI solutions in our business.

I can’t recommend this workshop enough to anyone seeking to gain a practical understanding of AI and its potential to transform their business. It’s a game-changer!”

Louise Angel

Director, S&A Generators

I see AI as an extremely valuable resource that will grow more as time goes on, and if you are not in, you will be behind. I need to practice more to get myself up to speed as well as others around me. The course was excellent, and the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful.


Director, H&H Heating and Air Conditioning

What You Get as Part of the Workshop Series

Our “AI in Action” workshop offers you a hands-on experience with leading AI tools, allowing you to interact, engage, and gain invaluable insights into their real-world applications. Master the nuanced art of AI prompting, ensuring you elicit precise and optimal responses tailored to your business needs.

As part of your £299 registration fee, you’ll receive:

3 Instructor-led Sessions

Dive in AI through an interactive learning environment ensuring real-time feedback and a hands-on experience.

Certified Expertise

Earn a Professional Certificate upon successful completion of the workshop, showcasing your proficiency in AI.

Access to Our Prompt Library

Unlock our latest prompt library, featuring over 50 high-value prompts designed to boost efficiency and profitability across your business.

4th Edition of our AI Book

Receive the latest 4th edition of our Ebook, “Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT & AI, which includes an updated tools section.

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