WSI Case Study

Insurance Industry

Our client, Genoa Underwriting Managers, is an insurance underwriter based in South Africa. They focus on the professional indemnity market, and service insurance brokerages across the country.


The Challenge:

As a nascent player in the industry, Genoa faced a formidable challenge — a website with virtually no traffic and negligible search visibility. In the highly competitive insurance landscape, their online presence was practically non-existent, hindering their potential for customer engagement and growth.

The Solution:

Leveraging the power of Google Ads, we implemented targeted campaigns to ensure Genoa’s services reached their intended audience. Through meticulous keyword research and compelling ad creatives, we aimed to drive immediate traffic to the website.

Recognising the long-term importance of organic visibility, we executed a robust SEO strategy. This encompassed optimising on-page elements, refining meta tags, strategic linkbuilding and creating high-quality content to enhance Genoa’s search engine rankings. The goal was to establish a sustainable online presence that would endure beyond the immediacy of paid advertising.

The Results:

The implementation of our digital marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for Genoa, propelling them from obscurity to prominence in the digital landscape.


– Year 1:

  • Website Traffic Growth: Achieved an extraordinary 300% increase in website traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of the Google Search Ads and SEO initiatives.
  • Lead Generation Surge: Leads surged by 150%, indicating a significant boost in customer interest and engagement.

– Year 2:

  • Triple-fold Growth in Book of Business: The exponential growth continued, with Genoa’s book of business expanding threefold. This metric underscored the sustained impact of the digital marketing efforts on their overall business performance.

– Ongoing Success:

  • Holistic Digital Management: As a testament to the success achieved, we have seamlessly transitioned into managing Genoa’s external email communications, SEO, Google Ads, and social media. This comprehensive approach ensures a cohesive and impactful digital presence across various channels.
  • Website as a Business Asset: Genoa now recognises its website not just as an online presence but a pivotal business asset contributing significantly to their growth and success in the industry.

I would recommend WSI’s service to anyone in a heartbeat. They understand our needs and budget, while also doing a great job. We’ve been a customer for 3 years and not once have they dropped the ball. They always go above and beyond with Mel and the team being very knowledgeable in all things web-related. They are a partner you would want in your corner in the new Digital Age.

Michael-John Damant

Director of Genoa Underwriting Managers

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