Where do people turn when looking for products and services these days? It used to be the phonebook, and word-of-mouth referrals from well-connected acquaintances. Nowadays, however, everything’s gone digital. Your potential customers will search for information on the internet (through Google, Bing or Yahoo) or on social media long before they decide to partner with a business. If you have a training website, but nobody can find it on the 10th page of Google’s search results, Google Ads might just be the lead-generating solution you’ve been looking for:


Challenges Facing the Training Industry:

Other than increased competition in the market, training websites often struggle with landing larger contracts – where they’re training more than a handful of people at a time. You might offer the best training service in your area – at the best prices – but if people can’t find information about your business on Google, chances are they’ll end up partnering with one of your competitors.

Another big issue facing the corporate training industry is undercutting, which has left many training businesses reluctant to list their training prices on their websites. With Google Ads, you can send traffic to a private landing page on your website – that nobody can access unless by clicking on the targeted advert.

How Google Ads Solve These Issues:

We craft well-written Google text or adverts, with keyword-rich headlines and descriptions, as part of your Google Ads campaign. Using your Google budget, we bid on industry-relevant keywords relating to your company, products and services, and bid to get your adverts placed on Google’s first page of results. Potential customers will find your ads when searching for relevant products/services, and if there’s an effective landing page for them to visit when they click on your ad – there’s a good chance they’ll submit a contact form!

Our Waverley Business Lead Generation package has been tailor-designed for companies in the manufacturing, health & beauty, and training industries. We setup and manage a Google Ads account for your business website, providing you with an insights report once a month.

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Waverly Digital is an innovative, capable digital marketing group based in London. We boast 10 years of experience marketing for companies both locally and abroad. As official Google Partners, we are uniquely positioned to offer effective Google marketing (Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing, Google My Business). Visit our Business Lead Generation page to find out more, and contact us today if you’ve got any questions!

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