According to this article, 59% of business-to-business marketers reveal that email marketing is their most effective revenue generation channel. With marketing automation solutions like SharpSpring allowing marketers to craft stunning email campaigns in minutes – while tracking the recipient’s interactions once the email is opened – now is a better time than ever to find out just how email marketing generates leads for a business:

The ABCs of How Email Marketing Generates Leads

A is for Authority.

Did you know that around 91 percent of consumers check their email inboxes at least once a day? If you’re running your own business, you’re probably checking your mail every 15 minutes! Some of us even leave our email inboxes open on our desktops permanently while we’re working.

It’s no secret that email is the world’s most-used communication platform – which gives it authority over other marketing channels. The trick to effective email marketing is to ensure your information is accurate, useful and transfers meaning to the recipient. If your emails are easy to understand and offer a reader benefits – you’re in for a lead!

B is for Bespoke.

As mentioned above, your email marketing campaign is only effective if the copy (what you’re saying in the email) is carefully planned and tailor-made to fit the needs and wants of your target audience.

This element of bespoke communication is crucial in the modern marketing mix, so consider partnering with a marketing agency offering professional copywriting services. This will ensure that what you’re saying is relevant and has the best chance of converting into a well-informed lead.

C is for Conversions.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, most business owners can answer the why question pretty easily. You’re looking for leads, which will hopefully convert to sales, right?

Email marketing campaigns are fantastic conversion tools thanks to their integration potential. Your unique email marketing campaigns can feature video, audio, imagery, and copy – with links to informative articles and resources that could add further value to the exchange. Did you know that an email featuring a video has a 200 – 300% higher conversion chance than one without a video?

When clients get value, they feel appreciated. When they feel appreciated, they’re primed to take action which then generates leads. All you have to do is convert the leads into sales!


Effective Email Marketing in the United Kingdom


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