With Christmas around the corner, and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday hoopla already behind us (did you see the crowds at Checkers?), ’tis the season to shop ’til ya drop. So answer this question: in advance of shopping for your family and friends this holiday season, how have you been searching for ideas and browsing products? Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Smartphones and tablets. Are these things ringing any bells?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably on your phone or tablet during commercials or while you’re in the queue at the bank, and this part of year, that’s valuable shopping time. The keywords here are ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’ – the mobile devices that people not only use when they’re on-the-go, but also when they don’t really want to settle in behind a laptop (which is almost never, when they’re away from work).

I do most of my online activities on my phone. You do most of your online activities on your phone. The stats say that we all do most of our online activities from mobile devices. But the biggest issue of them all is: do you run marketing campaigns that assume the vast majority of your audience is searching for your website or engaging with your social profiles from a mobile device? Unfortunately for far too many companies, the answer is no – and that’s almost criminal!

The fact is it’s 2015 and the notion of catering to a mobile audience should be at the forefront of every marketing initiative you launch. Especially in an emerging economy like South Africa, people are far more likely to view your marketing collateral on a phone than on a PC. Just in case you’re feeling a little bit behind on the mobile front, for our latest infographic we created the Niftiest Mobile Marketing Checklist You Ever Did See:


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