Ten years ago, blogs were those online things bored housewives and tech-geeks used to get their thoughts and opinions out into the wide world via a digital medium. Nowadays, blogs have become essential tools companies of all sizes can leverage to achieve a range of lead-generating business outcomes. Let’s take a look at a few real benefits of a business blog…

The Real Benefits of a Business Blog:

A Blog Educates People.

Google has made it very clear: online content needs to add value to people’s lives. So, the more content you’re putting into the world wide web that is useful to the layman, the more Google will like you! The question then is how do you put this valuable content out there? Two words: BUSINESS BLOG.

You have valuable information, and people are always looking to learn more about the world around them. All you need to do is package your information in a way that is both easy to understand, and that will prompt the reader to find out more by taking an action.

A Blog Delivers Added Value.

By publishing regular blog posts, on a range of topics relating to your line of business, you’re adding value to the experiences your followers enjoy when they’re on your website or browsing through your social media profiles. For example, if your business deals with vehicle repairs, a blog article titled 10 car hacks you can try today is a great way to add value. Why?

You’re providing content that people can actually use in their lives, regardless of whether or not they’re an existing client of yours. A blog is a great way to show that you’re more interested in enriching people’s lives than taking their money. Ironically, by not focusing on landing sales, you’ll land more sales!

qupte from seth godin - marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories that you tell


A Blog Drives Website Traffic.

Think of your business website and blog as a lead funnel. A blog article about car hacks could end with a mention that, should the reader ever require vehicle repairs, you’re conveniently located to assist them. By adding a link which takes the reader to a page relevant to the blog article’s topic, you’re prompting them to find out more and increasing engagement.

You can take readers further down the lead funnel still, by offering them a free vehicle maintenance checklist they can download if they perform an action – like signing up for your monthly newsletter or following your business blog. Another great way blog articles drive traffic to your website is by capturing social media audiences – so be sure to share your blogs to Facebook and other social profiles!

A Blog Facilitates Two-Way Communication.

While this might be the final benefit of a business blog, it certainly isn’t the least important! By allowing comments on your blog articles, you facilitate two-way communication between you and your readers. This way, you get first-hand feedback on your business and the content you’re producing – directly from your target audience.

Comments on blogs also facilitate the discovery of new industry trends, as well as ideas on how to improve your products and services. Consumers would much rather invest their time and money in an organisation that actually listens to them, and who actions tangible changes based on their clients’ feedback.

We at Waverly Digital Marketing are proud to share that our digital marketing solutions now include copywriting services, meaning we can develop useful blog articles that add value and facilitate the generation of business leads for UK companies. Connect with us today to discover many more benefits of a business blog!

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