So, you have a business website and you Google yourself at least 50 times a week. We know just how exciting this is! While a 5-page website is a perfect starting point for your business, Google rewards websites that consistently update or add to their existing sites. Got new products or services launching soon? They’ll each need a dedicated webpage educating visitors about their uses and availability. Waverly Digital Marketing offers the webpage design tips you’ve been looking for right here:

The Webpage Conten Design Tips You’ve Been Looking For


Behind the Scenes.

The first essential element of any good webpage is a focus keyword. This is a word or phrase that relates directly to what you’ll be saying on the webpage. So, if your new webpage is about a service you’ll be adding to your company offerings – like email marketing – your focus phrase could be email marketing in the UK.

This keyword or phrase gets added to your website, along with your page’s title tag and meta description, using a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin like Yoast in your site’s backend content management system (CMS) when developing the webpage itself. All three of these ‘behind the scenes’ elements of a webpage are what search engines like Google or Bing use to match your webpage with related searches conducted by internet users. Although keywords may not be as important as they used to be, your meta title and description are still important boxes to tick!

Handle Your Headings.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect keyword or phrase for your webpage, you’re going to develop the rest of the page’s elements around it – starting with your headings. These are the first words visitors will read when landing on your webpage, so they have to be as catchy as possible!

If we use the above example, your first heading (called the H1 heading) could read Effective Email Marketing in the UK. Notice the key phrase added in. Then you’ll want to add a secondary heading; one that’s more personal than the main heading.

Your secondary heading (called an H2 heading) doesn’t have to feature the key phrase, however adding a variation of it wouldn’t hurt! Something like Leverage the Power of Email to Generate Business Leads in the UK would sit well under the main heading mentioned above.

the images you use in your content should be relevant and relate to the contentLet’s Get Graphic.

It’s official – people respond to images faster and with more emotion than they do to written copy. This doesn’t mean your webpage can be void of any writing other than its headings, though! You want to create a balance on your page, between text and graphical elements.

These graphical elements include images of your new product or photographs of your staff performing your new service, as well as embedded videos and even short animations! Keep in mind that video playback quality will depend on the viewer’s internet connection, and people’s attention spans are shrinking with every new generation – so keep your animations or videos short, catchy and to the point.

Make sure that the graphical elements you utilise correspond with or relate to the headings and written copy on your webpage in some way. For example, a photograph of a shaved Llama won’t sit well next to information about email marketing (unless the Llama is a marketing whizz of course).

Say Something Cool.

So, your new webpage has been assigned a focus keyword, you’ve carefully crafted your H1 and H2 headings, and you’ve picked a few relevant images and animations to add visual elements. Your next step in the process is to develop the copy or written words that could convince your website’s visitors to take action.

Try not to sound too salesy, though. While rambling rhetoric might have convinced the masses two centuries ago, nowadays what people really want to read is something that actually sounds like it was written by a living, literate human being. It should be a story that resonates with them, not a sales script. Think benefits, not features.

Your written copy can be as long as you wish (Google recommends a minimum of 350 words), but remember that people don’t want to read essays. Your webpage’s copy should be written in an almost conversational tone. Divide the copy up into paragraphs of no more than two or three sentences each, and be sure to squeeze your focus keyword or phrase in here and there where it makes sense and reads well. Bulleted and numbered lists can also help to break up large tracts of words and make it easier for your reader to digest.

Gotta Love the Links.

The final webpage design we’re looking at is to add in a few relevant links here and there. Links come in may formats, with the most popular being in-text and button-based links. In-text links are those sections of webpage text that are a different colour and take you to another webpage when clicked upon.

Button-based links are attributed to buttons on the webpage, which prompt readers to take an action of some kind. You can use links to direct visitors to other relevant sections of your website – where they can learn more about your company and offerings should they wish to.

Once you’ve developed your webpage’s headings, body copy, graphical elements, and added in a few links – all that’s left to do is to publish it as a live page on your website!

While we at Waverly Digital Marketing are sure that you have what it takes to craft stunning, effective webpages that’ll add value to your website visitors – why not partner with a marketing agency that develops webpages in their sleep? For more webpage design tips like the above, connect with Waverly Digital Marketing right here!

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