As far as the words on your website go, content marketing can make all the difference between a great site and a downright terrible site. You may not think that content matters to that extreme, but in reality, it matters plenty.


If you had to stop for a moment and think about how a typical person interacts with the many websites and social channels they browse each day, you will soon have an idea of how much information is consumed on the internet. People use the internet to find information, purchase products, source services, connect to friends and family and perform a wide range of other functions. From finding new carb-free recipes for dinner, to searching for a plumber, looking up that coffee shop they went to the other day and seeking business to business services, content plays a very big role in that interaction. Well-planned, expertly crafted content can lure in visitors and gently nudge them towards a conversion. Shoddy, sub-standard content on the other hand can put visitors off a website faster than an annoying pop-up window that will not close.

Content marketing basically focuses on the huge importance of content, and how you can use content to add more value to your website, customers and overall digital marketing efforts.

The Importance of Content Marketing

What exactly does content do though? More to the point, what does good content do for your marketing goals? Let’s take a look…

  1. Great for SEO efforts.

seoFirst and foremost, one of the more obvious benefits of good content is that it helps to bring in traffic to your website. Along with SEO tactics such as keyword research and onsite optimisation, SEO content helps to improve your visibility in search engines. Websites that publish quality content that is relevant to search queries tend to get further ahead in the search results than websites that do not bother with any content (or publish poorly written content riddled with typos and flaws). In time, this relates to better success with SEO strategies and more traffic to your key landing pages.

  1. Awesome for lead generation.

Adding a blog to your company website can do wonders for your lead generation strategies. A recent report from publishing platform HubSpot revealed that business to business companies that blog are able to generate 67% more leads each month than those who do not have a blog on their website. A solid content plan can help you target your core demographic, allowing you to find and target qualified leads that are more likely to convert. Making the investment of good content is therefore an essential part of lead generation.

  1. Tops for building customer relationships.

Instead of simply pushing your products and services, you have the chance to solve customer problems through well-written content that is relevant and useful. Through a blog that is updated on a regular basis, you can keep current clients up to date on new offerings, company news and any other relevant information that may add value. You can also help potential new customers find what they are looking for quickly and simply. Well-crafted content makes just the right impression, too, ensuring that all visitors to your website know that you mean business. Along with promotional blog posts and offers, this ensures a good balance of information that customers will truly appreciate.

  1. Perfect for educating your customers.

On a similar note, content can help to provide customers with information on your industry as well as your products and services. Customers who understand and use your products and understand your greater industry are far more likely to remain loyal over time and make the best brand ambassadors. By sharing knowledge and offering more value to the people who use your website, you will be providing them with far more than your basic products and services.

  1. Excellent for your other digital marketing strategies.

Last but not least, content is very useful for your other digital marketing strategies, from social media all the way to email marketing and lead generation. Having the right words for the right channel, at the right time is what true online success is all about. Crafting content that is suited to each of your marketing channels ensures that you always stay ahead of the game – no matter what.


Simply put, content matters… a lot. With the huge number of benefits offered by content marketing, you simply cannot afford to ignore the value that content brings to the proverbial table. For more information on how to improve your content strategy why not Like us on Facebook, message us so we can setup a call or meeting.

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