Wondering why there is so much fuss about keyword research? As the foundation of your website content strategies, search engine optimisation efforts and overall online marketing campaigns, keywords are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of getting ahead online. It goes without saying then that without accurate research to ensure that you have the right keywords, just about all of your campaigns risk facing certain doom.

idea-strategy-successResearching your market’s high ranking keywords will help you bring in more traffic to your website, but it doesn’t stop there. This research also helps to deliver targeted traffic, which in turn increases the chance of conversion. It also helps you get ahead of your competitors, boost your PPC advertising efforts and promote your products and services online in a way that is driven towards better success.

What does this mean for SEO marketing, and how can keyword research help your business get ahead?

The Value of Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimisation

Taking a guess at which phrases your website should be ranking for is like trying to predict the winning lottery numbers. Unless you have some secret psychic abilities, it simply will not bring you much luck. Without an understanding of the right keywords and phrases to target, you cannot move forward with your content plans, onsite link building or website optimisation. In order to find out which keywords are the best ones to target, you need to do accurate research first.

looking for good keywords - keyword research

Some of the ways that researching keywords helps your SEO strategies include:

  • Increase targeted traffic to your website. If your website focuses on selling home décor items for example, you will need to know what keywords are getting potential shoppers to your website. Are they browsing the web for home décor tips, or are they specifically searching for living room décor for sale? The difference here between a potential purchase and a dead end can be as simple as which keyword phrase you are targeting. Many website owners think that they can get away with keyword stuffing to cover all of their bases, but in reality, this practice can end up resulting in lost rankings. A far more effective solution is to invest in expert research from an experienced SEO company that understands how to research keywords that are relevant to your market.
  • Discover untapped opportunities for promotion. There may be terms out there that you had not even considered before. Long tail keywords that apply to specific products, customer needs and market relevance can do wonders for conversion. Research helps to reveal a wide range of phrases that offer excellent rankings with lower competition, which can help you sell those special home décor goodies like there’s no tomorrow. Until you begin to explore the myriad opportunities out there, you will never have the chance to utilise each one and determine their value. In this way, such research is an excellent way to boost the return on your SEO investments.
  • Save money on your marketing budget. In addition to finding potential keywords to target, you will also have the chance to view traffic and competition rates on each phrase. It goes without saying that trying to rank on a very competitive keyword alongside thousands of other website who are all trying to rank for the same phrase ends up wasting your resources. With accurate information on each phrase you are researching, you can find keywords that have high volume but lower competition, thereby offering far more potential for success.

Understanding the value of keyword research is the first step in learning how to boost your rankings. Working with an experienced, skilled SEO company that can provide you with the most accurate research and help you develop a strategy to harness those phrases is the ideal way to get the most from your online efforts so that you can see real, lasting results.


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